Atlas of Christian History – Tools for the Study of the Catholic Heritage – CHS 140

An image of the Catalan atlas; shows various monarchs and regions of North Africa, Europe and the Near East

The Atlas of Christian History

What are some of the best tools for figuring out dates and places in Christian history? In this brief episode we talk about an important tool for the study of our Catholic faith, namely, the Atlas of Christian History, which was published by Dr. Tim Dowley. Church history is full of names, dates and places. How does one even begin to undertake this Herculean task? Every craftsman needs tools and some of the best tools for students of church history come in the form of atlases. An atlas is a book containing an entire series of maps about the world, a given region or a particular time in human history. The Atlas of Christian History will help students of church history orient themselves toward the geographic locations where many important events, gatherings and decisions were rendered. This atlas contains scores of maps from nearly 21 centuries of Christian history. Join us in this episode as we briefly discuss some of the benefits of using this resource when studying the history of Christianity.

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