Does Quotation Equal Canonicity? Pt 1 – CHS 44


Does Quotation Equal Canonicity? Pt 1

Does quotation equal canonicity? Certain Protestant scholars and apologists have frequently appealed to the principle that quotation equals canonicity. In other words, when such Christian authors as Polycarp, Ignatius and Clement of Rome appealed to the statements of Scripture, they were recognizing, at least implicitly, the canonical status of these books. When Early Christian authors produced statements which seem to come from existing texts of the Old and New Testament, are we to conclude that their apparent quotations of those texts implicitly recognized the canonicity of those documents? In this episode we briefly discuss not only this principle of establishing the canon but also the early canon thesis advocated by many Evangelical and Reformed scholars, apologists and leaders. Join us this week for our first of a three parts series on the criterion of quotation equals canonicity advocated by certain Protestants.


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