The Four Most Important Facts about How the Bible Was Formed (4-Part Video Course)


Learn 4 Key Facts about the Formation of the Bible!

Learn the most important facts about the formation of the Bible and its importance for relations between Christians today.

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Video #1

The Jewish Bible during the Life of Christ


Video #2

Jesus, the Apostles and the Deuterocanonical books


Video #3

The Church and the Creation of the Canon of Scripture


Video #4

The Council Trent and the Deuterocanonical Books



Learn More about
How the Bible Took Its Present Shape

The Bible continues to be one of the most important and discuss books and Western society. Time and again, preachers politicians and Lady continue to refer to the text of the Bible. But how did the Bible come to be the Bible in the first place? In this brief course, we will provide an overview of the four most important facts that every Christian must know about the formation of the Bible as we know it today. this course is created especially for helping Catholic Christians understand the reasons why .

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Course:


The State of the Jewish Scripture during Lifetime of Jesus and the Apostles

Learn about the various ideas about what constituted Scripture within first-century Judaism.


The Early Church's Roleshould in Determining the Canon of Scripture

Identify the church's role in determining which books would and would not be included within the canon of Scripture. 


The Use of the Deuterocanonical books by Jesus and the apostles

Learn about the ways Jesus and the apostles used the Deuterocanonical books in their teaching.


The Council of Trent's Precedents in Canonizing the Deuterocanonical Books

Identify the medieval precedents for the Council of Trent's inclusion of the Deuterocanonical books in the canon of Scripture

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