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An image of the Council of Trent meeting in assembly. The presiders of the council are set to the left with the bishops and theologians to the right.
Was the Council of Trent the First Ecumenical Council to Canonize the Deuterocanonical Books? In general introductions to the history of the Bible or in books critical of Catholic Christianity, the claim is often made that the Council of Trent was the first ecumenical Council to canonize the Deuterocanonical books. This claim is made Read More
Jerome and the Old Testament Canon pt 2 - Three Perspectives on Deuterocanonical Books Over the course of his life (ca. 331/347-419/420), Jerome adopted three perspectives toward the canon of the Old Testament. Although he is very often seen as one who completely rejected the authority of the Deuterocanonical books (e.g., Judith, Tobit and Sirach), Read More
The OT Canon Pt 1 - Between Jewish Diversity and Gnostic Rejections How did the Catholic Church come to its canon of Old Testament books? In this episode we will explore the history of the Old Testament Canon and the Jewish witness to a diversity of scriptural books. Read More
How did the early church decide which books of the Old Testament it was going to use? In this episode, we will discuss the various criteria used by early Christian leaders in determining Read More
The canon of Scripture proves to be among the least known subjects among twenty-first century Christians but its impact touches nearly every facet of the notable points of difference between Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christians. In this episode we provide a general introduction to the nature of the canon of Scripture and its continual relevance… Read More