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The Problem with Secret Information about Pope Francis and the US Catholic bishops – CHS 67

A recent trend has emerged among certain lay Catholics with substantial online internet followings. In their social media feeds and various media productions, they are making various claims about Pope Francis and US Catholic bishops on the authority of their unnamed “sources.” Read More

What is the Best English Translation of the Bible in 2019? – CHS 64

What is the best translation of the Bible in the year 2019? In this episode, we briefly discuss some of the best translations of the Hebrew Bible and the Greek New Testament. Among other things, we note that students of the Bible should Read More

Did Catholicism Exist before the Emperor Constantine? – CHS 63

Did Catholicism exist before the reign of the Emperor Constantine (r. 306-337 AD)? Various historians and other scholars claim that Catholicism, as we would recognize it today, did not exist before the reign of either Constantine or his later successor, the Emperor Theodosius I (r. 379 -395). In this episode, we look at Read More

The Gnostic Character of Recent Catholic Criticisms of Pope Francis – CHS 62

Catholic laity have recently begun to use Gnostic rhetoric in their criticism's of Pope Francis. In this episode, we provide a brief overview on Gnosticism's origins, tenets and conflicts with the bishops of the early Church. Read More