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The Importance of Tradition for Catholic Interpretations of the Bible - Catholic Approach to the Bible Series - CHS 83 How important is tradition for Catholic interpretations of the Bible? In this episode, I provide my first response to a recent book written about the value of Reformation principles for the interpretation of the Bible. Read More
What did medieval theologians think about a diversity of theological ideas on the eve of the Reformation? In this episode, we will explore the phenomenon of theological pluralism on the eve of the Reformation. Read More
Jerome and the Old Testament Canon pt 2 - Three Perspectives on Deuterocanonical Books Over the course of his life (ca. 331/347-419/420), Jerome adopted three perspectives toward the canon of the Old Testament. Although he is very often seen as one who completely rejected the authority of the Deuterocanonical books (e.g., Judith, Tobit and Sirach), Read More