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Why is counterargument important for discerning the truth? In this episode, we talk about the importance of critically evaluating not only the ideas of others, but also one’s own ideas. We encourage our audience to examine the various media they consume and ask themselves Read More
A recent trend has emerged among certain lay Catholics with substantial online internet followings. In their social media feeds and various media productions, they are making various claims about Pope Francis and US Catholic bishops on the authority of their unnamed “sources.” Read More
Catholic laity have recently begun to use Gnostic rhetoric in their criticism's of Pope Francis. In this episode, we provide a brief overview on Gnosticism's origins, tenets and conflicts with the bishops of the early Church. Read More
Is media coverage of Pope Francis’s words fair? In this episode we discussed the various factors that go into the ways the media handles Pope Francis’s words. We consider such factors as the ability of journalist to grab an audience’s attention, Read More