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Apostle John and Marcion of Pontus
Who Was Marcion? - Second-Century Christianity Series Who Was Marcion? In this episode we discuss the work of Marcion of Pontus (fl. 140s AD). We note why Marcion of Pontus, a pivotal figure of second-century Christianity, played a key role in pushing Christian conversation around critical questions such as the canon of Scripture, Paul’s authority… Read More
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Did Catholicism exist before the reign of the Emperor Constantine (r. 306-337 AD)? Various historians and other scholars claim that Catholicism, as we would recognize it today, did not exist before the reign of either Constantine or his later successor, the Emperor Theodosius I (r. 379 -395). In this episode, we look at Read More
Does Quotation Equal Canonicity? Pt 1 Does quotation equal canonicity? Certain Protestant scholars and apologists have frequently appealed to the principle that quotation equals canonicity. In other words, when such Christian authors as Polycarp, Ignatius and Clement of Rome appealed to the statements of Scripture, they were recognizing, at least implicitly, the canonical status of… Read More
What Have I Learned from My 2018 Work on the Catholic Heritage Show? What have I learned from my 2018 work on the Catholic Heritage Show? In this episode we will talk about the three major lessons I have learned is a direct result of my work in the Catholic Heritage Show. Read More
The Canon of Scripture and How Christians Know Anything About Christianity What is the relationship between the canon of Scripture, the Church’s authority and what the ways Christians are able to know anything about Christian revelation? Read More