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The Truth is Known Only to a Few People – The Gnostic Character of Recent Criticism of Pope Francis Series One of the salient characteristics of recent criticisms of Pope Francis is the insistence that this awareness is only enjoyed by a few people. Recent English-speaking critics of Francis across the globe have argued that… Read More
In the recent past, certain US and Canadian lay Catholics have taken to criticizing Pope Francis. Among their various and numerous criticisms, they often insert a personal testimony about their initial reaction to his election. They note that when they first saw him step out onto the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica, they immediately experienced… Read More
Does Quotation Equal Canonicity? Pt 1 Does quotation equal canonicity? Certain Protestant scholars and apologists have frequently appealed to the principle that quotation equals canonicity. In other words, when such Christian authors as Polycarp, Ignatius and Clement of Rome appealed to the statements of Scripture, they were recognizing, at least implicitly, the canonical status of… Read More
What Have I Learned from My 2018 Work on the Catholic Heritage Show? What have I learned from my 2018 work on the Catholic Heritage Show? In this episode we will talk about the three major lessons I have learned is a direct result of my work in the Catholic Heritage Show. Read More
Some Reflections on the Current Crisis in the Catholic Church What does one make of the recent scandals in the Catholic Church? In this episode, we talk about Dr. Estrada's thoughts concerning the recent criticisms that have been leveled against Pope Francis. Read More