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The Multiplicity of Different Religious Beliefs Held by Medieval Theologians on the Eve of the Reformation – CHS 75

What did medieval theologians think about a diversity of theological ideas on the eve of the Reformation? In this episode, we will explore the phenomenon of theological pluralism on the eve of the Reformation. Read More

The Life and Work of Cardinal Robert Bellarmine 1542-1621 – Doctors of the Church Series – CHS 69

An image of Robert Bellarmine facing the viewer of the image.
Who was St. Cardinal Robert Bellarmine? In this episode, we take a look at the life and work of Cardinal Robert Bellarmine (1542-1621) who was arguably the most learned Catholic theologian and apologist of the sixteenth century. Read More

Criteria for Determining New Testament Canon Used by Early Church – Canon of Scripture pt 4 – CHS 0006

How did the early church decide which books of the New Testament it was going to use? In this episode, we will discuss the various criteria used by early Christian leaders in determining Read More

Canon of Scripture pt 1 – What is the Canon and Why it is Important

The canon of Scripture proves to be among the least known subjects among twenty-first century Christians but its impact touches nearly every facet of the notable points of difference between Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Christians. In this episode we provide a general introduction to the nature of the canon of Scripture and its continual relevance… Read More