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Every Sunday, various Christian groups (Catholic, Orthodox and certain Protestants) recite a creed which encapsulates some of the central tenets of their faith. In this episode we talk about the practical benefits of reciting the creed on the Nicean-Constantinopolitan Creed or the Apostles’ Creed on a weekly basis. We note among the many benefits the creed’s ability to recall to mind the central message of the Christian faith in light of the increasing amount of tasks to do with the rise of technology. The Nicean-Constantinopolitan creed provides Catholic Christians a way of staying connected to some of the salient teachings of their faith. Despite the numerous activities which human beings must engage in throughout the week, the creed calls Catholic Christians back to recollecting some of the most important beliefs in their Catholic faith. Join us in this episode as we briefly discussed some of the benefits in reciting the creed often.


Image of Constantine with the Council Fathers and Nicea

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