The Multiplicity of Different Religious Beliefs Held by Medieval Theologians on the Eve of the Reformation – CHS 75


What did medieval theologians think about a diversity of theological ideas on the eve of the Reformation? In this episode, we will explore the phenomenon of theological pluralism on the eve of the Reformation. We argue that tradition, the authority of the Church Fathers, the Scriptures and a common ecclesiological confidence in the Catholic Church provided theologians unity amidst vast disagreement about theological particulars. We show that Luther’s desire to simplify theology paradoxically worked to render theology more complex and divided than ever. As a direct result of Luther’s appeal to sola scriptura, Christian theology has never been the same. Instead of solving theological diversity and pluralism, Luther’s sola scriptura has created an uncontrollable pluralism within Christianity such that it is virtually impossible to reach a consensus on some of the most important theological and moral questions that face Christian theologians today.


Image of Medieval Theologians Engaging in Debate

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