The Role of Counterargument in Discerning the Truth – How to Study the Catholic Heritage Series – CHS 76


Why is counterargument important for discerning the truth? In this episode, we talk about the importance of critically evaluating not only the ideas of others, but also one’s own ideas. We encourage our audience to examine the various media they consume and ask themselves if the presenters of those media have made an honest attempt to provide the best counter arguments to their position. The willingness of someone to subject their information to self-critique is extremely important because it prevents oneself from falling into error. Good authors often take the time to provide critiques of their own theories and their evidence in the footnotes or even in the body of their text. Conversely, demagogues and the promoters of propaganda never seek to critique their position. Instead, they presume that their conclusions are beyond reproach and need not justification from a potential rebuttal. Students of the Catholic heritage should take the time to find authors who provide critiques of their presentations whether in audio, video or text formats. Join us this week as we talk about the value of self-critique in discerning the truth of the matter.


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