The Truth is Known Only to a Few People – The Gnostic Character of Recent Criticism of Pope Francis Series

One of the salient characteristics of recent criticisms of Pope Francis is the insistence that this awareness is only enjoyed by a few people. Recent English-speaking critics of Francis across the globe have argued that knowledge about Francis and his true agenda was only seen by a few vigilant Catholics since the beginning of his pontificate. As the months and weeks go by, they argue, more and more Catholics are becoming aware of his desire to get Catholicism to accept teachings that go against its core mission and identity. This week we will look at the historic Gnostic claim that the truth about reality, the world and liberation was ultimately restricted to a select few.  The original Gnostic myth, the allegory of the cave, maintained that the truth about reality was known to very few people like Socrates, who were given the unique gift and mission of spreading the truth about reality. Join us in this episode as we compare the distinct Gnostic character of recent criticisms of Pope Francis.


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